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In Berlin city, five twisted stories happened at parallels times , a need of love in toilet’s Club, a dancer repeating with strength, a wandering person in the streets , a drunk femme , and a person with a suitcase. All of them isolated with their losses, despairs, poverty  and needs of love with for common desire to survive our modern times. 


Producer and Music : Deanamik

Executive producer : Eli Pfeffer

Production coordinator :  Roni Lugassi
Script, Direction, Editing : Nicky Miller

DOP Camera : Chase Becsey
First assistant Camera : Andrea Birmingham
Lights design : Kantatach Kijtikhun
Styling and makeup : Gioele Franchini
Special props  : Moran Sanderovich

Set photography : Ali Bay

Set Design : Roni Lugassi

Cast :

Gioele Franchini : Person with suitcase

Nicholas Rose : Dancer

Ali Bay : Drunk femme

Ema Discordant : Wandering person

In the toilets :  Carlotta Garrione, Gleb Kameev, 

Meitar Ben Shitrit, Ami Freund, Edoh.

With the support of Alte Münze Berlin 

Many thanks to Bosque Kuttner

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