Lemon Taste is a sexual fantasy and romantic fiction, where John becomes voyeur of a cruising moment, which grows into a fantasy erotic quintet trip. Like a juicy acid lemon taste that turns their sexual drive on.

John is going out from the factory suddenly a strange sensation of unbreathing drive takes him.
He arrives in a hidden street where he can watch Cliff cruising here.
Attracted by Cliff he starts to observe him behind the wall.

Selection Festivals : QFestHouston, London Porn Film Festival, Hacker PFF, Fish and Chips 4th Ed°, KINOBAR Prager Frühling,Smut Club Film Festival,Fringe!Queer London Film Festival,Cheries-Cheris Festival LGBTQ - Selected for shorts gay porn competition,Fusion International Film Festival Oslo,PornFilmFestival Berlin,MixCopenhagen (D),Pink Screens Brussels (Be),Fringe Festival London (UK).


2018  Short-Film / 00:08:46 

Director/Script: Nicky Miller
Assistant director: Sabina Kaczmarczyk

John / Jorge Benavides
Cliff/ Tristan Rehbold
Harry/ Rafael Medina
Andy/ Pierre Emö
Lou / Theo Meow

Camera/Edit/Grading: Stasys Zak

Lights: Michal Andrysiak

Music producer: Deepneue


Distributor: Optimale Films distribution Paris

Thanks to Polyphony-Made in Berlin 2018