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Echoe COVER Kirra Cheers for BERLINABLE


A Poetic Sensorial Queer Story (English Edition) Kindle Edition

"ECHOE" (in english) is published by BERLINABLE and written by me.

" In their debut book, renowned genderqueer porn director Nicky Miller takes the reader by the hand into a hazy fog of a magical queer universe. Follow Echoe as she explores the nature of sex, love, and violence, with multiple lovers in a world where anything can happen.

A poetic piece about gender fluidity and the beauty of polyamory, written in Miller's signature sharp style. A one-o-a-kind erotic story that will feel like a journey through all the colourful corners of the human soul."

You can purchase this short story here :



with "WINGS OF NAKEDNESS" by Nicky Miller


Weird dreams, no toilet paper in stores, anxiety-inducing headlines, sharing the feeling of being locked inside with the rest of world. Wearing out the sex toys, finding new ways to masturbate, searching online for company, discovering new ways to play with your partner, mixing home office and sex, lusting after the roommate next door.

We have all lived through it. And now all of it can be found in a compilation of tasteful, electrifying erotic stories and photographs. A work from artists from all over the world – that bring their own unique perspectives to lockdown desires – brought to you by BERLINABLE & Pornceptual.

A free eBook, to read, look at, masturbate to, and reminisce about the strange moment in which, for a brief moment, humanity was put in lockdown together.

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