Albert, Arthur, Bobby and Ben are living in a flat.
One day they heard on the radio-computer that the 3rd World War would happen soon.
Their common life derives while the Ugly family (their neighbor) are making uglies constructions.
“And it shall not stand “ is an undefined space-time, a metaphor of what a community and its drifts could give.

Screenings :

/Trashera Zine (2017) Launch Opening magazine online Berlin
/ Everybody's Perfect ( Festival Queer of Geneva) ( S) 2016 
/ FilmVault Manchester film Festival (UK) 2016
/ Ludwig : Ceven's Pixelspace1# (G) 2016
/The Hole MindPirates screening Nicky Miller(G) 2016
/ Berlin Feminist Film Week 2016 ( art installation) (G)

2016 / Medium-lenght movie



Genre :

Script/Director/Camera/Edit :

Nicky Miller


Aurelien Francis, François Janssen, Mathieu Trevisan, Quentin Benoot, Eclipse aka the cat.

Cast Models Boys :

Pierre Garnier, Sylvain Drigo, Robin Jacquet

Original Soundtrack :

Antoine DKa Verbrugge

Voice over aka Bobby:

Jurgen Van Nieuwenhuysen

Art work "Twin Brothers" 2011 by Gio Black Peter

make up by : Gregory Rangama

Assistance texts by :

Mathieu Motard and Hugo De Westelinck

Visuals credits by:

Jacques Lemborelle


Aurelien Francis

Recording at Studio Ubik
Thanks to ZSenne Art Lab, Vincent Bxart
Made in Belgium 2017


2018-NickyMiller-all-rights reserved