- REV video music RTalin : Camera/ Edit

- Fisherman Premiere at EXXCENTRICO

- Berlinable "Echoe" ebook publication

- "LOVE NOT FEAR" music track (House Ov Awakening) on compilation vol.4 "The Occultists"

-"Les Lèvres Roses" music track by Electrosexual feat. Nicky Miller on "Darkroomafia Label"


- Fisherman 2020

/Excentrico Festival online ( Chile) /

- Romance 2019


/Hacker Porn Film Festival / I / 28th.04 -03.05-20

/Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger / N Y E Athens (Greece)

/Festival Chéries Chéris Paris 16th/11/19 Mk2 Beaubourg

/Buttcocks curated by Pierre Emö at Schwuz

/Projektraum145, Queerness Collective Exhibition

(G) 26.07-04.08

/Golosa Pride Edition (G) 27.07.19

/Sennheiser Berlin x KALTBLUT - An Afternoon of Music & Mingling (G) 27.07.19

- Lemon Taste 2018
Short-Movie 00:08:50

/Mezipatra Queer Film Festival (CZECH) Online 06.11.20

/Athens Porn Film Festival 2020.

Online  20th-22nd. nov. Ganymede short-film program.

/BEDDED I Online Festival 01.06.20

/Gender Blender Everysome /Oslo/ 23.05.20

/Athens PFF / 22-24.05.20 (Greece)

/Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger / N Y E Athens (Greece)

/Queer Film Festival Odenburg 30/11/19 (G)


Stockholm 27/09/19 

/QFest Houston (US) 28/08/19

/London Porn Film Festival ( UK) 26-28 /04/19

/Hacker Porn Film Festival (I) Rome 24-30/04/19

/Fish and Chips 4th Ed° (I) Turin 17-20/01/19

/Smut Club Film Festival 2018 (A) 5+6/12/18 

/Fringe!Queer London Film Festival (UK) 18/11/18

/Cheries-Cheris Festival LGBTQ (F) Paris 25+27th/11/18

  - Selected for shorts gay porn competition

/ Fusion International Film Festival Oslo 22/09/18

/ Selection PornFilmFestival Berlin 23/10-27/10/18

/ MixCopenhagen Dk 28/10/2018

/ Pink Screens Brussels (Be) 17/11/18

/ Fringe Festival London (UK) 17/11/18

/ Pornceptual 5th Birthday party Aug.18 (G)

/Glory Day - Pride CSD -Gday Berlin- Suicide Circus

/Premiere Berlin Instinct Berlin 

- Porn Warriors 2018
Video art 00:06:00

/Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger / N Y E Athens (Greece)

/Homographia 2019 4th Oct. (BE) 

/Smut Club Film Festival 2018 (A) 5+6/12/18 

/ Fringe Festival London (UK) 17/11/18

/Somos Art Gallery "Cinema in Conversacion" Berlin 2018

/Atenea Congreso International Univertisty Valencia 2018 (S)

/Fem Tour Truck 2018 - feminist video art International tour
/ Pornifero Barcelona curated by Hector Acuna (S) 2018
/ OTK2 curated by Gio Black Peter and Brian Kenny NYC (US) 2018
/ Pornceptual Launch magazine (Berlin) 2018 

/ Kinky Cinema Pornceptual Party Berlin (2018)

- Happy Valentine Day! 2017
Short -movie/H264/ 00:03:00

/Hacker Porn Film Festival / I / 28th.04 -03.05-20

/Golsa Pride (G) 27.07.19

/Palace International Film Festival ( UK) (2019)
/ Pornfilmfestival Berlin (2017) (G)
/The Palace International Film Festival (2017) (P)
/Pornifero Barcelona curated by Hector Acuna (2017) (S)
/Corvallis Queer film festival (2017) (US)
/ Silver Lining Sofia Queerltion curated by Voin De Voin (B)
/ KinoLoop Berlin Loophole (G)

- And It Shall not stand 2016
Medium-lenght 00:38:00mins/16:9
genre : queer/fiction

/Sennheiser Berlin x KALTBLUT - An Afternoon of Music & Mingling (G) 27.07.19
/Trashera Zine (2017) Launch Opening magazine online Berlin
/ Everybody's Perfect ( Festival Queer of Geneva) ( S) 2016 
/ FilmVault Manchester film Festival (UK) 2016
/ Ludwig : Ceven's Pixelspace1# (G) 2016
/The Hole MindPirates screening Nicky Miller(G) 2016
/ Berlin Feminist Film Week 2016 ( art installation) (G)

- Visuals for Catclub Party Pride Brussels 2015
Video loop installation

- Oh!Socks! 2014
Short-movie H264 /00:21:00/ 16:9

/Somos Art Gallery "Cinema in conversacion" Berlin 2018
/Trashera Zine (2017) Launch Opening Magazine Berlin
/ Silver Lining Sofia Queerltion curated by Voin De Voin (B) 
/Everybody's Perfect ( Festival Film Queer of Geneva) (S) 2016
/ Pornceptual : Kinky Movie Theater : PornDimension 
Edition in Berlin 2016
/The Hole MindPirates (G) 2016
/ Garden City International Film festival 2016 (India)
/Pornifero festival postporno edition fetish Lima curated by Hector Acuna 2016 (P)
/Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2015 (G)
/Pornifero festival 4th Edition Fetish Lima 2015 (P)
/ALL OF THEM WITCHES OCT 25 /2014 short film program 

curated by Gio Black Peter in NYC 
/Oregon underground film festival short film 2014 selection
/Access Code Film Festival India 2014
/ ZSenne Art Lab Brussels 2014

- An ordinary color 2012 
Video work 00:06:00 
/ Ozark Shorts Films 2016 /U.S
/Cinébus Brussels (june) 2015
/Alchemy Film Festival Hawick DREAMLAND 2014 
(UK) in the dreaming room
/Openscreen cinéma Nova 2012 Brussels (B)





- Occultists : Book of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 4 : "Love Not fear" ( House Ov Awakening)

- "Wings Of Nakedeness" published in "Love in times of Corona" Berlinable

- ECHOE Ebook published by Berlinable

-Unity # Collective Art Queer Exhibition Berlin (Instinct Berlin Gallery)

- Overmorrow Wilde Renate 

concert live with DJ Delete Control (28/07 til 28/08) : "Wings Of Nakedeness"

-"Divine Lust" film by Anthony De Bono collaboration as DP, camera and edit;

- Cunt Landlord by Mia Von Matt, introducing performance by Nicky miller "The Wings of Nakedeness" at TV Postdamer Str.

- Collapsella Smashed Against the Patriarchy

FABIO M SILVIA show concert 


- SOUP collective exhibition curated by Gio Black Peter NYC (US) 7+8/12/19

- Queerdos: Unapologetic / Der Autobhan Berlin


- Queerdos X:Reunited/ 1Year Anniversary 09.08.19 Der Autobahn

- Queerness 27.07-4.08 Art Collective exhibition Pride : Projektraum 145

"Romance" video-music

- Melt Festival 20-21.07.19 for "Secret Garden of  Porn" by Pornceptual :

live-performance with Deepneue.

- Queer Manifesto: " The present is not enough" HAU2 Berlin 20-30.06: Valentine Date with Space ( project by Deepneue : performance vocal + text)

- Instinct#7 WE 18-28.04.

Group exhibition At Instinct Berlin 

Photos : " Bobby" & "Albert" + script excerpt film print


- The Violators "Tristan and The Van" photography -NYC curated by Gio Black Peter at Leslie-Lohman Project Space.

- The Whole Queer Festival 2018

Music Live performance with Deepeneue "Valentine Date with Space"

- Queerdos curated by Catalin Jugravu -Spoken words Berlin Monarch

- Recital Poem"Vacuum Cleaner"

with Nix Etér ( techno soundtrack) at Kiki Bar opening Berlin

and also in solo at The Lab Café Futuro Berlin

- Recital Poem "Juice" and " Under my skin" 
with Nicola Boscolo (synth, drues machine)
- Recital Poem "A Witch With A Tear" with the Music Lab Cosma Lab.
/August 26th The WHOLE United Queer Festival Berlin
/August 13th : EM POWER at Crack Ballmer Berlin

Performer for Gio Black Peter at Point Ephémère Paris Jerk Off Festival 

/model « The black Boudoir » by James lee Byars for the Vanhaerts Art Collection (Brussels) for the exhibition « Sympathy for the devil » 
/5’33 seconds a solo performance at De Singel Antwerpen Belgium in the frame of Apass
/Concerto for tables and Chairs performance in PAF (Performing Art Forum) Reims Chapel of APT France
/Emergency Room by Thierry Geoffroy at PAN museum 
Napoli (I)
- "2009 : the day of earth ...to be continued?" (performance)
- "Gaza : a laboratory of experimental weapons" (drawing)

/A protest for peace- lecture on Brian Haw’s protest Wallinger work Artstraponder Gallery Berlin / TU Philosophy Departement (Germany)
/Emergency Room Paris by Thierry Geoffroy at Gallery Taiss
- "Emergency observation" (performance-lecture)
- "Transit - Paris - Calais" with David Marin (installation)
- "A farewell Kiss" with Emeric Lhuisset ( installation)

/Opening The images of the body- Lecture host at a dinner for Veronika Blumstein 
Project K3 Kampanagel (G)

/5’33 seconds a solo La Casa Encendida de Madrid
at Festival En transito.


/curator with Parsifal Marin and Voin De Voin for "Silver Lining "4 at LaVallée guest artist : Gio Black Peter (B)

2012- 2013
/ Silver Lining with Parsifal Marin artists invited : 
Jean De Lacoste and Rodolphe Coster /Jeremy van Der Hagen/ Anne Fontenelle,
Joelle Bacchetta and Florence Bujard, Francisco Moser.
At Galeries cinema , Café central, MAPP (B)

/ Primacy of change with Melika Ngombé in residency at Nadine (B)
/ Sound lab project with Dianne Weller in residency at Nadine (B)
/ Red Shoes and Book in residency at WSB Khaaitheater, Les Bains Connectives and Nadine (B) 

/ Red Shoes and Book
selected project by Local Red de las residencias and University National of Colombia (visual arts dept and performing arts)
/ Red Shoes and Book (Under construction) in residency feb-april at Les Bains Connective Brussels

/ Sneakers on wood floor 5 tracks audio recording CD, music and voice

/« I survive, he/she/it survives, we survives, survives »
Drawings on photography by Marta Orlando
/The witness archive
director for 10 artists (performance) Echobase antwerpen (B)
/Concerto for tables and Chairs acoustic concert with Olivier Toulemonde (PAF) (F)
/5’33 seconds a dance solo in residency at Nadine(B), Les bains connectives (B),La Casa Encendida de Madrid(S)

/ To Do a text by Gertrude Stein
director for 6 performers in residency at La Generale (Paris), Le théâtre de verre (Paris),

BERLIN, GERMANY / nickymiller13@gmail.com 

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