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18.04.24 Secret Spring Concert
Live act with Lan Hungh




Photo credit: Victor Luque


- Twisted Distinction I short-film - 2023

Screened by:

                  - RAINBOW VISIONS Film Festival - CA

                  - IQFAF Nominee Best Video Music - USA 

                    - Norwich Queer International 2024 -UK

                     - Exhibition Collective Desire #14 - Instinct Berlin 

                    - Queer Short Film Vienna AT

                   - MQFF USA 

- Levres Roses ( Pink Lips) I short-film - 2021

Screened by:
                    - Athens PFF - G
                    - 25th International Feminist
                      & Queer  Festival Red Dawns - SLO
                    - PFFBCN - SP
                    - Squish Movie Camp Rotterdam
                    - FilmPride - Brighton & Hove Pride                                        LGBTQIA+ Film Festival
                    - TJLAND FIVQ. (Tijunana US)
                    - Squish Camp Film ( Rotterdam)
                    - BOUYGERHL Leipzig (G)
                    - Tokyo International Short films Festival (JA)
                    - Tag Queer Shorts USA
                    - Bush Films USA 
                    - MTV Music Week Dusseldorf 
                    - Stuff Mx 2022 - Mexico City
                    - Louisiana LGBTQ Rainbow FF
                    - San Francisco Transgender Film Festival 
                    - Transition Queer Film Festival Vienna
                    - Trans Stellar Film Festival - USA
                    - Nonono Bouygehrl -G 
                    - Rand Film festival - G
                    - Scream Queer- Rome IT
                    - Translations Film Festival - AUST.
                    - Thessaloniki Int. G.L.A.D. Film Festival - G
                    - Homographia - BE
                    - Poppy Festival Best Music Video- MAC
                    - Seattle Trans Film Festival - USA
                    - Attaqueer le visible - DE Berlin
                    - Sisssy Film - UK
- Fisherman I short-film - 2021
   Screened by:
                    - PFFBCN Porn Film Festival BCN
                    - Queer Voices Film Festival- Moldova
                    - Lab111 - Amsterdam
                    - PROUD! Filmfestival (Dk)
                    - Le Fesses-tival - Genève- SW
                    - RIOlgbtqia - BRA
                    - POPPY FESTIVAL Best Narrative Short -MAC
                    - PFFWarsaw - Poland
                    - RIO LGBTQ+ Film Festival - BRA
                    - The Queer Archive - Athens
                    - Porn Film Festival Brussels - BE 
                    - Toronto Queer Film Festival -CA
                    - BFI Flare:
                      London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival UK
                    - Athens PFF - Greece
                    - Hacker Porn Film Festival - IT
                    - Oslo/fusion international FF -Norway
                    - Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival
                       Best Audience 
                    - Porn Film Festival Athens
                    - Chéries Chéris Paris -FR
                    - LesGaiCineMad, Madrid LGBTI
                    - Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest -UK
                    - SqFF Seattle Queer Film Festival
                    - Homografia -BE
                    - Grito Queer Festival Brazil 
                    - Porn Film Festival Berlin
                    - 14. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel-CH
                    - Everybody's Perfect- CH
                    - Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ - USA
                    - aGliff PRISM- USA
                    - San Francisco PornFilmFestival- USA
                    - SECS FEST- USA
                    - Palace Film Festival - UK
                    - Scream Queer Best Theme LGBTQ -Italy 
                    - OUTSOUTH QUEER FILM FESTIVAL - USA
                    - Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival - Canada

                      - Porn Film Festival Vienna - Austria 

                      - Exxcentrico Festival  - Chile

- Romance  I video-music- 2019

   Screened by:

                   - XVIII OutfestPerú Film Festival LGBTI- Peru

                     -Hacker Porn Film Festival - Italy

                     -Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger - Greece

                     -Festival Chéries Chéris - Paris 

                     -Buttcocks  - Berlin


                     -Golosa Pride Edition -Berlin

                     -Sennheiser Berlin x KALTBLUT -Berlin

- Lemon Taste I short-film -2018
   Screened by:
                   - Pff Warsaw - P
                   -Courts Mais trash -BE 
                   -Big Bar Athens -Greece

                     -Mezipatra Queer Film Festival -Czech

                     -Athens Porn Film Festival -Greece

                     -BEDDED Festival -USA

                     -Gender Blender Everysome -Norway

                     -Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger -Greece

                     -Queer Film Festival Odenburg -Berlin

                     -Queer International Film Festival Sweeden

                     -QFest Houston -USA

                     -London Porn Film Festival-UK

                     -Hacker Porn Film Festival -Italy

                     -Fish and Chips 4th Ed° -Italy

                     -Smut Club Film Festival -Australia

                     -Fringe!Queer London Film Festival -UK

                     -Cheries-Cheris Festival -Paris

                     -Fusion International Film Festival -Norway

                     -PornFilmFestival Berlin

                     -MixCopenhagen -Denmark

                     -Pink Screens -Belgium

                     -Pornceptual -Germany

                     -Glory Day - Pride CSD -Gday-Berlin

                     -Instinct Berlin -Berlin

- Porn Warriors I video-art -2018
 Screened by:
                   - PFFWarsaw - Poland

                    -Tsiknotekno Doppelgänger -Greece

                    -Homographia -Belgium

                    -Smut Club Film Festival -Australia

                    -Fringe Festival London-UK

                    -Somos Art Gallery -Berlin

                    -Atenea Congreso International University -Spain

                    -Fem Tour Truck - feminist video art International 
                    -Pornifero Barcelona-Spain
                    -OTK2 curated by Gio Black Peter- NYC 
                    -Pornceptual Launch magazine -Berlin

- Happy Valentine Day! I short-film-2017

 Screened by:
                   -Hacker Porn Film Festival -Italy 

                   -Golosa Pride -Berlin

                   -Palace International Film Festival -UK
                   -Pornfilmfestival Berlin
                   -Pornifero Barcelona -Spain
                   -Corvallis Queer film festival- USA
                   -Silver Lining Sofia Queerltion -Bulgaria
                   -KinoLoop Berlin Loophole -Berlin

- And It Shall Not Stand I medium-lenght-film-2016

 Screened by:

                  -Sennheiser Berlin x KALTBLUT -Berlin
                  -Trashera Zine -Berlin
                  -Everybody's Perfect -Switzerland
                  -FilmVault Manchester film Festival -UK
                  -Ludwig -Berlin
                  -The Hole MindPirates -Berlin
                  -Berlin Feminist Film Week 

                  -Visuals for Catclub Party Pride -Belgium

- Oh!Socks! I short-film-2014

 Screened by:

                 -Somos Art Gallery -Berlin
                 -Trashera Zine -Berlin
                 -Silver Lining Sofia Queerlition -Bulgaria 
                 -Everybody's Perfect -Switzerland
                 -Pornceptual -Berlin
                 -The Hole MindPirates -Berlin
                 -Garden City International Film festival -India
                 -Pornifero festival -Spain
                 -Pornfilmfestival Berlin 
                 -All them witches  by Gio Black Peter - NYC 
                 -Oregon underground film festival-USA
                 -Access Code Film Festival -India
                 -Zsenne art Lab -Belgium

An Ordinary Color I video 2012

 Screened by:
                 -Ozark Shorts Films -USA
                 -Cinébus -Belgium
                 -Alchemy Film Festival Hawick -UK
                 -Openscreen -Belgium




- Not Just a Memory 

by Sarnt Utamachote - 1st assistant camera -Berlinale Teddy Awards 



- Collective Exhibition Desire#14 - Instinct Berlin

- Queerdos Collectiv : The Sultry Bitch Theory - Volksbühne Berlin Grüne salon

Screenings + Performance "Elegie elastic" with Anthony De Bono

LIVE ACT with Morior at Monarch Berlin


- eeject podcast Berlin with Morior

-  Whole Festival Berlin  House ov Awakening Live  Act 

- P7 Gallery House OV awakening Live Act

- MELT FESTIVAL with Pornceptual : House ov awakening Live Act

- Kantine Am Berghain DE Berlin  Anthony De Bono Divine Lust -Screening 

- Pornceptual Darkroom sonic experience :

Widow dancer for Projekt Gestalten Berlin Monom DE


- House Ov Awakening 

Live Act Closing PAF Berlin with Pornceptual

Live Act Shame Brussels- BE


- Love Not fear  House Ov Awakening -

music compilation in Occultists : Book of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 4. 

- Wings of Nakedeness Berlinable publication

"Love in times of Corona".

- ECHOE Berlinable publication book.

- It's about our Resistance photomontage

Unity # Instinct Berlin Gallery.

- Wings of Nakedeness Overmorrow Wilde Renate 

concert live 

-Divine Lust film by Anthony De Bono - DP, camera and editing.

- Wings of Nakedeness - Cunt Landlord Show TV Postdamer Str.

- Smashed Against the Patriarchy

FABIO M SILVIA concert live showcase.


- SOUP collective exhibition by Gio Black Peter NYC.

- Queerdos: Unapologetic  Der Autobahn Berlin

- Queerdos X:Reunited Der Autobahn

- Queerness Art Collective exhibition Projektraum 145

- Melt Festival live concert with Deepneue.

- Valentine date with Space with Deepneue

The present is not enough HAU2 Berlin 

-Bobby & Albert  photography Instinct Berlin #7


- Tristan & the van  photography The Violators by Gio Black Peter -Leslie-Lohman Project Space NYC

- Valentine date with Space Music Live performance with Deepneue 

- Queerdos Spoken words Berlin Monarch

- Vacuum Cleaner Recital Poem at The Lab Café Futuro Berlin

- "Juice" " Under my skin" spoken words The Lab Café Futuro Berlin
- A Witch With A Tear with Cosma Lab.
The WHOLE United Queer Festival Berlin
EM POWER at Crack Ballmer Berlin

Gogodancer for Gio Black Peter at Point Ephémère Paris Jerk Off Festival 

-Model « The black Boudoir » by James lee Byars for the Vanhaerts Art Collection Belgium for the exhibition « Sympathy for the devil » 
-5’33 seconds a solo performance at De Singel Antwerpen Belgium Apass
-Concerto for tables and chairs performance  PAF 
- Emergency Room by Thierry Geoffroy at PAN museum 
Napoli (I)

- "2009 : the day of earth be continued?" (performance)
- "Gaza : a laboratory of experimental weapons" (drawing) 

-A protest for Peace- lecture on Brian Haw’s protest Wallinger work Artstraponder Gallery Berlin / TU Philosophy Department Berlin

-Emergency Room Paris by Thierry Geoffroy at Gallery Taiss
- "Emergency observation" (performance-lecture)
- "Transit - Paris - Calais" with David Marin (installation)
- "A farewell Kiss" with Emeric Lhuisset ( installation)

/Opening The images of the body- Lecture host at a dinner for Veronika Blumstein 
Project K3 Kampanagel (G)

/5’33 seconds a solo La Casa Encendida de Madrid
at Festival En transito.


/curator with Parsifal Marin and Voin De Voin for "Silver Lining "4 at LaVallée guest artist : Gio Black Peter (B)

2012- 2013
/ Silver Lining with Parsifal Marin artists invited : 
Jean De Lacoste and Rodolphe Coster /Jeremy van Der Hagen/ Anne Fontenelle,
Joelle Bacchetta and Florence Bujard, Francisco Moser.
At Galeries cinema , Café central, MAPP (B)

/ Primacy of change with Melika Ngombé in residency at Nadine (B)
/ Sound lab project with Dianne Weller in residency at Nadine (B)
/ Red Shoes and Book in residency at WSB Khaaitheater, Les Bains Connectives and Nadine (B) 

/ Red Shoes and Book
selected project by Local Red de las residencias and University National of Colombia (visual arts dept and performing arts)
/ Red Shoes and Book (Under construction) in residency feb-april at Les Bains Connective Brussels

/ Sneakers on wood floor 5 tracks audio recording CD, music and voice

/« I survive, he/she/it survives, we survives, survives »
Drawings on photography by Marta Orlando
/The witness archive
director for 10 artists (performance) Echobase antwerpen (B)
/Concerto for tables and Chairs acoustic concert with Olivier Toulemonde (PAF) (F)
/5’33 seconds a dance solo in residency at Nadine(B), Les bains connectives (B),La Casa Encendida de Madrid(S)

/ To Do a text b
y Gertrude Stein
director for
6 performers in residency at La Generale (Paris), Le théâtre de verre (Paris),

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