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OH! SOCKS is a flux of images which transport the audience inside the mind of a guy who has fantasies about other guys. 
Daily situations and phantasmagorical spaces.
An ambiguous trip in between the main character and the audience.
/Somos Art Gallery "Cinema in conversacion" Berlin 2018
/Trashera Zine (2017) Launch Opening Magazine Berlin
/ Silver Lining Sofia Queerltion curated by Voin De Voin (B) 
/Everybody's Perfect ( Festival Film Queer of Geneva) (S) 2016
/ Pornceptual : Kinky Movie Theater : PornDimension 
Edition in Berlin 2016
/The Hole MindPirates (G) 2016
/ Garden City International Film festival 2016 (India)
/Pornifero festival postporno edition fetish Lima curated by Hector Acuna 2016 (P)
/Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2015 (G)
/Pornifero festival 4th Edition Fetish Lima 2015 (P)
/ALL OF THEM WITCHES OCT 25 /2014 short film program 
curated by Gio Black Peter in NYC 
/Oregon underground film festival short film 2014 selection
/Access Code Film Festival India 2014
/ ZSenne Art Lab Brussels 2014
2015 / Short-Film / 00:20:32
Director/Camera/Edit : Nicky Miller

Cast :
François Janssen, Gio Black Peter, 
Jurgen Van Nieuwenhuyse, Gokhan and Okhan Aydin,
Pierre Garnier, Didier Vervaeren, Fred Da Soghe.

Assistant :
Felicien Umbreit Lorentz

Original Soundtrack :
Antoine DKA Verbrugge and Brussels Pony Club 

Thanks to STAMMBAR Brussels Belgium
Available on PINK LABEL.TV :
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