Filmmaker . Director . Artist

Nicky Miller is a writer, filmmaker and performer artist .

They are writing queer stories, fictions, and poetry using experimental forms of filmmaking.

Nicky ’s thematics are dealing with LGTBQ sexualities outside of the norms.

In their work they are using the camera as voyeur to explore fetishism, dark-room, or cruising situations where the characters are existing through a fantasist erotic trip.

Reality becomes an hallucinative escape from the norms of the society through the desires and sexual emancipation of their characters.

By exploring sexual and LGTBQ identities, Nicky Miller makes us escape from our society, as a deviant need from norms and categories.

Representing non-normative sexual practices as a political existence through images.

Queerness content for breaking moral, and social structures nowadays.

Nicky Miller is a genderqueer artist, born in France (Paris), Vietnamese origins.

They lived in Paris, New York City, Brussels and today in Berlin.

They are interdisciplinary artist, working in the fields of films, performance art and writing.

Nicky Miller is self educated artist, they are writings and directing films as an independant producer and performing vocals on techno music.

They got  post-master degree in Performing Arts (2009) through a self-education specific program ( APT) in Belgium. They travelled as artist in residence to Portugal (Fundaçao Serralves with Mugatxoan), Spain (La Casa Encendida de Madrid) during the period 2008-2013.

Then by being granted from the National University Of Bogota in Colombia in 2013 they went there  to be resident artist in the performing arts program.

After their experiences of living in different international cities,they started to write queer films (2010) as affirming their queer identity and support for the LGBTQ scene.

Since they are in Berlin they affirmed their non-binary gender by collaborating with Queer groups of artists : Trashera, Pornceptual and Queerdos Ensemble.

As a visual artist Nicky exhibited in collective shows (The Violators and Soup curated by Gio Black Peter in NYC), and with Instinct Berlin art gallery ( Beautiful Queerdos and Unity).

Since 2017 they  collaborate as a vocalist using their texts with techno music and queer artists : Cosma Lab, Deepneue, DJ Control Delete, Fabio M Silva.

They are author for Berlinable a publisher for erotic queer literature.

Nicky ’s choice of acting in the queer scene became very important to express their gender and sex positive way of living. 

They came to Berlin to share sex positive projects with queer filmmakers, that they met at the “Porn Film Festival Berlin”. Since they are working with sex-workers, porn-feminist activists as a political statement in their art projects.

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