Filmmaker . Director . Artist

Nicky Miller born in France, Vietnamese origins, is a genderqueer artist based in Berlin. 

They Lived in Paris, New York City, and Brussels.

Nicky is performer, writer and filmmaker.

Nicky is writing queer fictions by using experimental forms and filmmaking: 

“And It Shall Not Stand “2016, “Happy Valentine Day”! 2017. 

Their thematics are dealing about sexuality outside of the norms like fetishism, dark- room, voyeurism : “Oh!Socks!” 2014, “Porn Warriors” 2018, “Lemon Taste “2018, "ROMANCE"2019.

Their short-films are screened at Queer and International Film Festivals as a "Porn and explicit category" (Porn Film Festival Berlin, Fringe London Queer Festival, Fusion International Oslo Film Festival , Festival Chéris-Chéries Paris, Hacker Porn FF, London PFF, Smut Club and others queer festivals…).

They recently got a Best Performance Award from Smut Club Film Festival in Australia.

Nicky is performing lectures of their texts and vocals in projects with techno live-set with Deepneue and The Cosma Lab , Queerdos ( The Whole Queer Festival 2017 and 2018, Trashera, Hau 2 Berlin 2019, Melt Festival 2019).

They as well curated projects by screening queer forms images: No Pop Corn ( 2019), Cinema Futuro ( 2018), Silver Lining ( 2016).


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