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"The Sultry Bitch Theory" is a celebration of self-expression, queer intimacy and a testament to the power of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Join QUEERDOS Kollektiv for a night of queer expression, poetry, and liberation at "The Sultry Bitch Theory." Experience captivating spoken word performances that challenge norms and penetrate boundaries, bodies and souls as fierce artists unravel the complexities of queer intimacy. The night will feature sweaty soundscapes, daring monologues, and a thought-provoking essay that explore the fluidity of hidden desires and the power of queer embodiment.

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with Anthony De Bono

at Ivallan´s Bookstore Berlin 2023

Nicky Miller & Morior at Monarch Berlin 

at Monarch Berlin for TRUTH OR DARE FUNDING PARTY FEB 2023 #Maja Classen::: 1h30mns Live Act

#monkeytheory #Happy #Ihandfeedtheanimals#youhavethelookoftheseeyes videos by Braulio Bandeira

House ov Awakening - Live Act - Homographia 2022

House ov Awakening at Whole United Queer Festival 2022
"Lèvres Roses"
music-video with Electrosexual 
Music : Electrosexual
Lyrics+ Vocal : Nicky Miller

Cast : IXA + Nicky miller + Electrosexual
Camera 1 DP :
Nicolàs Simkin
Camera 2 DP: Lu Lau
Lights Eve Fainke
Assistant  Nora Aurora Falaki
Makeup + Styling : Cat Raidolf

House OV Awakening - Love Not Fear 2020

First track released  on Occultilts

Various Artists - Book of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 4

Music Tom Schwartz

Lyrics, vocals Nicky Miller

Rtalin and me did a little track "High on feline" for his concert live at Artlinersberlin -2021.

Music : Rob Talin

Lyrics, vocals : Nicky Miller

Styling : Alex Leali


In 2020 Collapsella - the transgressive post human techno chanteuse alter ego of Fábio M Silva, is set to release its conceptual album SMASHED AGAINST THE PATRIARCHY - a collection of cross genre techno tracks aimed at dancing while deconstructing the binary!
On January 15th join Collapsella and a bunch of its friends on a part concert part performance fundraiser show! All the raised funds will be put towards finalizing the production of the album and it’s subsequent presentation tour. With special guests Anthony de Bono, Anali Goldberg, Cheryl Offoffoff-Broadway, Nicky Miller, Norbert Pape, Touché and a very special DJ set by Chicks On Speed founding member Kiki Moorse ♥

Nicky Miller collaboration for FABIO M SILVA concert :
Collapsella Smashed Against the Patriarchy
Lyrics+vocals Nicky Miller
Music live Deepneue
Visuals Stasys Zàk
Styling Slavis Frank 
 "Valentine Date With The Space"
Lyrics+vocals Nicky Miller
Music live Deepneue
Visuals Stasys Zàk
Styling VLK Berlin
HAU 2 Hebbel am Ufer :
Theatrical version of "Valentine Date With The Space"

"Manifestos for Queer Futures #3"
“The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”:
Queerdos Project by  Catalin Jugravu

QUEERDOS is a transdisciplinary performative project focusing on initiating discourses and dialogues in the frame of an LGBTQI+ narrative. By engaging in theatrical work using mainly spoken word with various artists belonging to queer minorities in Berlin and other cities where queer politics are often ignored or looked down upon, we hope to promote acceptance and understanding on a larger scale; to utilise its great potential for impact.

Challenging gender binaries (male/female) and exposing the social coercion at the base of the performative nature of identity is already a political act, but Queerdos aims at transcending beyond, through daring performances that mirror social or political misconduct, thus becoming an incentive towards proactive attitudes. Subjects such as abuse, trans and homophobia, racism, and xenophobia are very often addressed in our performances. We are aiming towards creating a platform for free speech and artistic expression in the queer community, emphasising tolerance, integration and awareness in/of our ever growing environment. Spoken word as a performance lightens up the sometimes hard-to-digest political contexts through the usage of elements (singing, dancing, spoken word, stand-up comedy etc) which can reach a mixed audience.

Queerdos aims at bringing the community of what society deems as ‘misfits’ together in a safe space for expression and learning.

"A Witch With a Tear"
Live at The Whole United Queer Festival 2017
with Cosma Lab /music Cosma Livre
lyrics and voice by Nicky Miller
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